The Scutt & Scudds family trees

He, who takes no interest in the history of his ancestors, does not deserve to be remembered by his posterity .

Search Scutt Southeast England This is a serious attempt to catalogue all the known Scutt s of Southeast England and eventually place them in their respective family trees. This is also the largest of the Scutt clusters in England, and is of direct Norman descendent; in fact they seemingly came from Saint Andre-de-Briouze in Normandy.

Search Scutt Northeast England & Anglia The older Norse name-forms of Skeet or Skeates are akin to Scutt. Surprisingly the Scutt cluster in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire now seem to originate from the West Sussex area.

Search Scutt Southwest England The old Scutt clusters that were originally concentrated in Devon, Dorset and Shropshire, and also Pembrokeshire in Wales are from Irish descent and were bought in by the Normans to be settled near the Celtic border areas. The names Scutt and Scott are synonym in those areas.

Search Skutt England Present-day Skutt s are descended from the Dorset Scutt s.

Search Scutts England The Wiltshire Scutt's (exceptions) and thus the Berkshire ones are linked to the Southwest England Scutt's. In the aforementioned Wiltshire and Berkshire area the derived form Scutts with that at the end first appeared and later Scudds .

Search Scudds England

Search Scutt, Skutt, Skut North America The largest number of Scutt s in the U.S.A. is of Dutch origin but English, Swedish and other nationalities are represented there as well. I have grouped the North American Scutt s, Skutt s (Dutch) and Skut s together because the surnames initially were interchanging. N.B., when the link to the English Scutt s is established then one must search there.

This website was opened on 16th April 2001. Since then constructive contributions have been received from over 400 different individuals. A 100% guarantee of accuracy cannot always be given where earlier dates are concerned. As this is an on-going process it is therefore hoped that by going on to the Internet medium, further contributions and amendments will be forthcoming.

Jimmy Scutt (Frederick James Scutt b.1946 Littlehampton, West Sussex). Contact me (James F. Scutt)

N.B. Sharing is contagious. Unless you tell me otherwise, sharing with me is assumed as permission to share with others. Much of the data I share is data others have shared with me and sometimes unverified by me personally .


Thomas Scutt and Sarah Napper

Marriage Certificate, Pulborough, West Sussex, 17th May 1792.


(Photo kindly provided by Sue Young).


















William Scutt and Sarah Ann Gilbert

Marriage Certificate, Kent 23 Nov 1834.



(Photo kindly provided by Brenda & Bob Swann).




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