K Veronica Janet Scutt

(Veronica Janet Yarwood)
(Veronica Scutt)





Notater om personen

Notice is hereby given that by a Deed Poll dated 9th November 1962 and enrolled in the Supreme Court of Judicature on 17th January 1963 Dorothy Mabel Yarwood of 82 Reddings Road, Moseley in the city of Birmingham, married woman, the mother and legal guardian of VERONICA JANET YARWOOD of Moseley in the city of Birmingham on behalf of the said Veronica Janet Yarwood an infant a spinster and a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies by birth abandoned the surname of Scutt - dated the 30th day of January 1963, Price Atkins & Price, 71 Temple Row, Birmingham 2, Solicitors for the said Dorothy Mabel Yarwood and Veronica Janet Yarwood formerly Veronica Janet Scutt.

Notater om ekteskapet
Giftermål Charles A. E. Smallwood:
two children born here


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Tom Scutt 1862-   Janet Flora Felton ca 1874-1941    
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Wilfred Tom Scutt 1908-ca 1973   Dorothy Mabel Jones
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Veronica Janet Scutt 1942-2007