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[Western Gazette, Somerset, Friday 10 June 1938. Bryanston School Scholarships & Exhibitions. The following awards in connection with Brvanston School have been announced: Scholarships; D. A. Scutt (£7O) (Mr. W. E Sealy, Fonthill, East Grinstead, Sussex);.] [Western Gazette, Somerset, Friday 14 November 1941. Schoolboys "Hamlet" Bryanston School Production. Considerable assistance is being given to the Dorset Youth Movement boys of Bryanston School Dramatic Society with their production of Hamlet, was staged at Bryanston on Friday and Sunday afternoons and at Sherborne School for Girls yesterday (Thursday). The final performance will be at Canford School on Sunday. The production is notable not only for the excellent dramatic ability of the boys but for delightful costuming and staging and smooth stage craft. The part of Hamlet is alternately taken by P. Miller, who played the part, on Friday and Goldsborough who took it on Sunday. At the opening performance the young players had an unexpected and trying test and they survived it admirably. During the tense incident in Scene 4, Act 1, when Polonius (P Bridge) was slain by Hamlet D A Scutt as the Queen lost his wig just before he exclaimed to Hamlet: O me. what hast thou done?" Though the exclamation shook slightly the equanimity of the audience, and was even observed make the 'dead' Polonius quiver, Miller and Scutt took it in their stride and continued unruffled. Miller showed a commendable dramatic sense, and excellent feeling was shown by Scutt, the Queen and D Williams as Ophelia. Bridge played the part of the Lord Chamberlain with a nice touch of senile inconsequence. But first honours went to J P H Walker as the ghostly king. He was considerably aided the staging and clever lighting. ......]


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John Thomas Homer Scutt 1828-1886   Louisa Adelaide Fry ca 1833-1913    
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Arthur Octavius Scutt 1865-1957   Freda May Palmer †1951
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David Arthur Scutt ca 1925-2014